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Why Ed Controls for education?

More and more educational institutions are adopting Ed Controls in their lesson programming. That means that students use this construction software for their assignments and during lessons and traineeships. Educational institutions came to us during their search for a digital tool to safeguard quality. That’s why we have set up Ed Controls for education. The benefits of this program work both ways: students are better prepared for working in the field, and construction companies end up with employees who know how to work with digital methods at the construction site.


Ed Controls comes from experiences in the construction field

Our directors come from the construction industry. They saw the struggle with paper, telephone calls, and scribbles on construction drawings. That’s why as early as 2011, they started to work with iPads and developed an app. The software was tested with construction companies such as VolkerWessels. The program has been expanded and improved upon over the past ten years. Today, Ed Controls is the market leader at Dutch construction sites. Ed Controls has over 50 employees in several countries, including the Netherlands, India, Germany and Great Britain.

Benefits for educational institutions and students

  • Work together with Ed Controls’ supplier;

  • Stay relevant in the industry;

  • Better prepare students for work after school;

  • Unlimited use of Ed Controls without license fees.

Video: Ed Controls in practice

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