Civil construction and engineering

Civil Engineering Snagging App

Ed Controls snagging app enforces strict safety standards by allowing you to carry out various inspections on civil engineering and construction projects.


Quality assurance in the civil engineering and construction sector

Your clients pursue strict safety standards across their domains and thus carry out various inspections on projects in the civil engineering and construction sector. With Ed Controls, the most efficient snagging app available, you will be able to pass these inspections easily and digitally. This means you are able to clearly demonstrate the quality of your delivered products more swiftly and can invoice at an earlier date.


Connect with GPS reference points

Ed Controls is a self-supporting construction project management app you can get started with immediately. Create a project, upload the project drawings, check builder permissions and arrange them on a geographical map with the Locator feature. This gives you a clearer understanding of how the project relates to the environment. You can also easily link snags to an exact location and building team in construction.


Civil engineering projects transparent for both the contractor and the client

Because civil engineering and construction projects are so critical, your client, whether the government or a private organisation, mandate additional supervision. Thanks to this handy building construction software, Ed Controls makes it easy to involve these bodies in the project. Measurements and inspections are carried out jointly with these stakeholders to ensure everyone has clear insights into the quality delivered.


Digitisation of delivery points

The need for BIM compliance and the additional inspections prescribed in the civil engineering and construction sector makes good documentation critical. With Ed Controls, you can digitally record delivery points, so that you don’t have to spend time archiving them. All project information is permanently available, ensuring there is no ambiguity after delivery.


Project optimisation using data analysis

The large scales typical in civil engineering and construction projects makes good project management crucial. By giving you real-time insight into all project results with construction management spreadsheets, Ed Controls civil construction software makes your project more manageable. You have more control over the progress and can adjust the construction project if needed. This helps you deliver within the agreed budget and timetable. Both now and in the future.

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