Blog : Tools to relieve your snagging pain

Written by Robert Greidanus

There has been an undoubted rise in the number of digital tools to help project management teams deal with the common problem of snagging in construction. We feel your snagging pain.Snagging or defect management is a process of identifying and listing issues during construction or on completion. They can be large or small, but they all pose a problem for project management teams trying to correct them.These defects or snags could be anything from a scratch on a window to a missing hinge on a door. Carpets may not be aligned correctly, or doors may creak when opened or closed. Of course, it may be something more serious, such as structural faults or incorrect calculations or materials making a building unsafe.Large or small, snagging issues can be both difficult to manage and resolve. They can also affect the bottom line.


Snagging management

Our founders and senior team include former construction workers who have been through the pain of the snagging process.They understand how difficult it can be to wade through all the manner of issues and resolve them quickly. Project managers need technology that is easy to use and resolves snags quickly.Our construction colleagues tell us that there’s little consistency in managing snags. Some people still use spreadsheets and photos, while others use comprehensive digital tools to help.Trying to manage the process of snagging by logging data on spreadsheets can be time-consuming and painful on even the smallest of projects. It’s almost impossible to keep track of defects on large scale and more complex projects with multiple partners involved.We know construction workers and project managers are aware that snagging is important. But unfortunately, many of them also struggle to manage the process. So, what’s the solution?

Review your processes

A solution is to review your processes and consider how they can be improved. Look at your ways of working and research digital snagging apps that are available.While individual job roles and projects can vary, it might be worth thinking about how technology can make your life easier.We know construction project managers will not want to add another layer of tasks to their workload. What they do want is easy-to-use technology that will work for them and save precious time.

Fit for the future

Digital snagging tools exist because they help construction workers manage their projects more efficiently. The technology continues to improve.More and more construction firms are adopting digital tools as they recognise their benefits and become more fit for the future.It’s clear that not everyone involved in the construction industry will be able to take advantage of the digital revolution. But those that can embrace these technologies will contribute to making our sector more successful and future proofed.

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