Simple Defect Management: A Quick Guide

Simple Defect Management: A Quick Guide

Simple defect management. Sounds marvellous, but how can you achieve it?

If you’d ask us, our answer would be: change the process into a simpler one. A simple process needs simple tools that allow you to effortlessly record defects, produce reports quickly and involve other people easily. Using new technologies shouldn’t be daunting for something as simple as Defect Management. It should be the first step in making life simpler. This quick guide into simple defect management discusses three elements that seem to be the main issues: communication, time and process.



People communicate in so many ways that often issues will become lost. Communication can be simple when you do two things:

  1. Use one channel to convey your messages.

  2. Use a picture. A picture can speak a thousand words, it will directly convey the issues, whilst text can be quite ambiguous in explaining the defects. Pictures allow for communication to be simpler, easier and quicker without having increased mistakes.


Are you aware of the amount of time your current process takes? On average it takes fifteen minutes to record a snag without the use of a digital application. Fifteen minutes means that you can only fully record 32 snags in a day, which does not seem to be a very efficient use of your time. This is because there is a lot of work in that process. By using a digital application you are cutting that time down quite considerably. The best digital apps on average take five minutes to record a snag. That means you can record 96 snags per day. No need to be a master in mathematics to understand that this is a more efficient use of your time.


The use of technology means that you are going to combine several tasks into one. The process of snagging, generally, is to take a picture of the snag, make a comment on it, pick a location of where it is on a drawing, then send it to the contractor responsible for fixing it. When the contractor fixes it, they must return a picture and comment to notify it has been fixed. Now that seems quite simple, but when it comes to a 100 snags, it becomes very messy very quickly. Then you lose your place on your drawing, take a blurry picture… now you have to go back, the paper you were writing on got wet or dropped into the mud, the contractors handwriting is impossible to read. Etc etc. The use of technology to combine all those processes, automatically organising, informing and producing reports on your snags will cut time wasted and improve the productivity of your contractors.

The elements of communication, time and process come together in Ed Controls. Discover how simple defect management can be, request a free demo today.