Willem II Stadium Safer and More Accessible

Buster Bouwcontrol is working on the renovation of the Koning Willem II Stadium in Tilburg, which has a seating capacity for 14,700 spectators. Director Jimmy Buster states, "We are working closely with Willem II and the municipality of Tilburg to make the stadium even safer and more accessible for everyone."


The work being carried out is diverse, encompassing both construction and electrical engineering. Buster explains, “One of the things we are doing is expanding the public facilities. There were only a few toilets, which led to considerable congestion, especially during the half-time break and immediately after a match. We are also adding more catering points to serve visitors food and drinks more quickly after the match. Furthermore, we are ensuring that certain groups of supporters do not physically encounter each other in the stands by installing sector partitions and turnstiles. These partitions will prevent overcrowding; people will enter a section and stay there. 

By filling in the moat, we are improving the accessibility of the stadium, enabling visitors to enter via a new, safer route. Additionally, advanced access control and an extensive CCTV system are being installed to ensure the safety of all visitors, and we are expanding the control room where the emergency services are stationed.”

A Complex Task

In terms of scale, this is not a large project for Buster Bouwcontrol, but it is complex, Buster acknowledges. “It spans various areas and everything is interconnected,” he says. “Escape routes need to be secured, installations must be accessible for maintenance, and so on. Moreover, you have to deal with building regulations and permits, as well as the requirements from the municipality and the club. Safety is very important, but comfort counts too. In a stadium, it’s all about football, but it is also a workplace for many people. We are proud to contribute to the sporting and social value of Willem II. The aim is to complete all the work before the start of the 2024 – 2025 football season.”


Digitally Recording Observations

Buster Bouwcontrol was one of the first users of Ed Controls. “We acquired the package in 2014,” says Jimmy Buster, “and we have been using it to our full satisfaction ever since. Our supervisors digitally record their observations. They create tickets for points of concern and ensure they are addressed in a timely manner. Often, a Scope inspection must take place before work begins, and we also do this with Ed Controls. We also use the software to conduct audits on projects without a supervisor. We examine various aspects, such as concrete work, foundations, masonry, etc., and record the progress. Finally, we handle the final inspections with Ed Controls. For us, it’s a tool that guarantees fast, interactive collaboration with both the contractors and the clients. It’s practical, stable, comprehensive, and user-friendly software.”


Buster is going to the EURO match between Turkey and Portugal at Borussia Dortmund’s stadium. “That’s really for the fun of it. I’ll watch the other matches on TV, together with my 17-year-old son and his friends – it’s great fun. I’ve also invited colleagues to join in the EURO pool from Dutchview. My expectation? I reckon we’ll make it to the quarter-finals and then, unfortunately, it will probably be over. But who knows!”