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Blog: The benefits of snagging tools in construction

Stephen McMenzie from Ed ControlsWritten by Stephen McMenzie
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11 October 2021

Regardless of how good your construction team is, there are always going to be problems or defects to resolve. That’s why snagging is an important part of the construction process.

Snagging is the key to completing your project to the highest standards and agreed on specifications – and ensuring a happy end client.

But snagging can be time-consuming and a difficult task to manage – particularly on complex projects with multiple partners involved.

Our construction colleagues say there is little consistency in managing the snagging process.

Here, our experts share their top five benefits of snagging:

1. New ways of working

Snagging is one area where construction technology has enormous benefits. It replaces your paperwork with a simple digital construction management tool.

Juggling job lists, allocating tasks, monitoring progress, keeping everyone updated – these days the old ways just aren’t enough.

Digital construction snagging apps allow you to create action points for snagging and quickly assign them to an individual. You can include photos, locations, and full descriptions so ‘to do’ lists can be completed at the touch of a button.

2. Easy to use

For us and for our customers, usability is key. We know the construction industry inside out, so we know the challenges you face.

We understand that you need technology that is easy to use if it is to work for you.

Our snagging app has been designed by builders for builders. We will always have ease of use front of mind and will never overcomplicate it.

It’s that simple.

3. Strong communication makes for strong teams

We all know that teams work best when communication is clear and consistent.

Emails can be misconstrued. Paper documents can go missing. Messages can be forgotten.

Snagging apps allow you to keep all your project communication in one place, backed up in the cloud. You can instantly update project information and communicate it to the entire project team in real-time.

Even the smallest construction projects can include multiple contractors working from different places. Complex, large-scale projects can involve scores or hundreds of people.

Digital construction management tools allow you to assign roles and responsibilities across the entire project team. That way, everyone can see at a glance who needs to do what, where and when.

4. Controlling costs

Time is money. Defects affect the bottom line.

By keeping a tight grip on your construction projects – this means keeping hold of the purse strings.

Raising tickets and being able to see when snags and defects have been resolved – or not – means you keep projects on track.

If you want to work quickly and efficiently and ensure nothing slips through the net – digital snagging tools are just the solution for you.

In the competitive world of construction, the successful and timely delivery of projects is key. There is a very strong argument for embracing digital snagging tools now.

5. Reporting and learning

Unlike spreadsheets, snagging apps can help you to compile automated audits, quality checks, and reports for review.

They provide you with insights throughout the lifecycle of a project that you can use over time to improve your working practices. There is technology to help you work easier, better and smarter.

Digital snagging tools are the future of construction. Be part of the future.

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