Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?

One of the definitions of responsible is ‘being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it’. This is an interesting statement when considering things from a snagging and auditing perspective. In a way, when we make someone ‘responsible’ for something, not only are we making them aware of a problem, we are actually giving them an opportunity to put something right, to make a change.

RASCI-A model

We all like putting things right, but sometimes we have so much to do in life that, with the best of intentions things get missed. We understand this and so when we built ED Controls we used the RASCI-A model to build our software. The RASCI-A model allows for an effective and smooth workflow, by assigning certain roles to key individuals in the snagging process. The first role when creating a snag ticket is the responsible and to help the person responsible to complete the snag you can attach multiple marked up photographs, add a title and add a description. The snag is even located on a drawing with a physical marker, colour coded to show the status. And since a few weeks it is also possible to make someone responsible for the execution of an audit.

Snags as opportunities

To help further all snags can be reported on and analysed in many different ways. Ultimately we see snags as opportunities to prove our ability to put things right and be credited for them. If you agree and would like to see how easy snagging can be, please get in touch or watch this short video:

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