Going digital with Ballast Nedam at Curaçao

Ballast Nedam is building the Nobo Otrobanda Hospital on the island of Curaçao. In this project they are responsible for the design, the construction and the multi-year maintenance. They use Ed Controls for digital documentation and digital closing letters.


Our colleague Rutger-Jan Loenen was given the chance to visit Construction Manager Melvin Fraenk and contractor Ivan Baartmans in Curaçao. Once there, he spoke extensively with both about their experiences with Ed Controls. Ivan had already gained a lot of experience during the project ‘Pi2 Zaandam’ and Melvin also worked with Ed Controls during the construction of the E- and F-Pier at Schiphol.


Rutger-Jan Loenen visits the site in Curaçao

Communicating with Europe

The biggest challenge in the construction of the Otrobanda hospital is the logistical process. Many materials and parts have to be shipped from Europe to the island. And the scorching sun is wonderful for a summer holiday, but not for shaping and fitting steel bars all day long.

Divide and conquer

To get a good overview Ivan has divided the project into building components. This way he knows exactly what outstanding points and inspections there are for each building component. “Ed Controls is my photographic memory of the building. Not only with regard to deviations, but also for zero measurements, aspects that are running smoothly and more. This way, I have my memory at hand at all times and immediately available during consultations in the site hut or at the customer”, says Ivan.

Digital closing letters

Ballast Nedam also uses Ed Controls in this project to demonstrate that electricity and other installation and engineering components have been correctly fitted. This accurate recording is very important for this project, because the inner walls are made of metal-stud and are equipped with many installation parts. Closing letters are drawn up in the Audits of Ed Controls for the closing of the walls and ceilings. The digital closing letter must be signed by the contractor and the customer for each wall and ceiling.


Ed Controls as photographic memory and digital inspection tool

Digital documentation

A project of this scale needs clarity and overview. That is why the many changes and adjustments are digitally recorded in Ed Controls. This means the team is always up to date with the current situation, including agreements and changes. Every day the team keeps track of the progress, records outstanding points immediately and forwards them to the relevant construction partner for follow-up.

“Being able to bridge the actual distance to our customer, to see how they use Ed Controls, to learn from them and to help them with the questions they had, has been very valuable.”, says Rutger-Jan.

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