More fellow workers with a tablet


Recording snags and passing them on to subcontractors has to be done with great care. Therefore, Van de Ven Bouw en Ontwikkeling (VolkerWessels) is glad about the project license model, so that people can work simultaneously on one project with Ed Controls. “Instead of one person with a concurrent licence working on various projects, an unlimited number of people can now work in one project with Ed Controls. We currently have project licences for four of our major housing construction projects.” head foreman aftercare Koos Spapen explains.


Spapen was the first person at the Tilburg-based construction company to work with Ed Controls and introduce tablets on-site. Three years ago, Van de Ven Bouw en Ontwikkeling, a VolkerWessels company, used to have one concurrent licence. Within a year they had bought a second one, but that soon proved to be inadequate as well. “We wanted to have more people working with Ed Controls. So we sat down with Michiel to discuss it and we decided a project licence would be the best solution,” the chief foreman explains. “In every project we have three people walking around with a tablet: the project manager and two foremen. If there is a problem, it will be recorded and communicated to the responsible subcontractor.”

Spapen finds digital recording a great improvement with regard to the way things were done before. “What used to happen was that the foreman would do his rounds on-site and would notice that a window frame was in the wrong place, for example. Van de Ven Bouw & Ontwikkeling – Koos Spapen On his way back to the site hut he would stop and chat to other people for a while, then by the time he was back at his desk he had forgotten where that window frame was. Now he can take a picture of a snag right on-site and on the exact location on the drawing, and send the ticket to the person responsible for fixing it. It is all recorded and it stays recorded, and for me, that’s the biggest advantage.”

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